Toro EZ-Flo Plus Series Control Valve 1″ NPT (F x F) with Flow Control by Toro Price: 38,79 (as of 20/01/2021 22:06 PST- Details)

‚Toro ez-flo Plus Series Control Valve 1 NPT (F x F) with Flow Control


Broad Selection of Un… and Outlet configurations and choice of Sizes INCLUDING versus-siphon Meet the Einbau requirements of different Geographic Regions and piping Systems, DC Latching Solenoid Compatible, double-beaded Chloramine and ozone-resistant Santoprene Diaphragm ensures a consistent leak-proof Seal Raum The Way Up To 150 PSI (103 cash)., in-line or versus-siphon Models Ample Selection for New and Retrofit Installations.