Hockender Toilettenhocker | Badezimmerhilfe | Verstopfung und Völlegefühl Medizinisch getestet |Pukkr

Maße: 47 cm x 21 cm x 32 cm.
Anti-Rutsch-Füße. Tragbar und kompakt.
Sorgt für einen einfachen und uneingeschränkten Stuhlgang.


Designed to aid effective bowel movement by allowing the user to comfortably imitate the natural squatting position while seated on a traditional toilet. Squatting encourages healthier, smoother and faster bowel movements, which can reduce or prevent constipation,haemorrhoids, IBS & Bowel disease.

The non-slipToilet Bathroom Stool/Squat Aid is recommendedfor Constipation & Piles Relief.

The size of this stool also doubles up perfectly as a training aid for potty training, giving them the perfect step up that they need to use the toilet.

Key Features:

Package Contents:

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Size: 47cm (L) x 32cm (W) x 21cm (H) Approx
Colour: White
Material: Plastic
Anti Slip Feet
Weight: 850grams Approx