Paladone Aufsetzbare Untersetzer, Karton, Mehrfarbig, 10 x 9 x 9 cm

Frech, laugh-out-loud Party Spaß
Perfekt für Gruppenfotos und Selfies
Einfach Clip auf Ihre Nase und Strike A Pose.


The Gentlemen’s Club has guided many a young man to the upper echelons of society through its array of helpful drinking devices, games and the occasional piece of attire all designed to make a chap stand out from the masses. With lots of new gifts available, this popular collection looks to lend a helping hand to aspiring young gentlemen! Set of 20 double-sided hilarious coasters. Simply clip on to your nose to change your appearance. 40 different images. Hours of party fun!
Simply clip on to your nose to change your appearance!
Contains 40 different images
Hours of party fun!

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