Lorena Canals Waschbarer Teppich Monstera, Baumwolle, Grün, 120 x 160 x 30 cm

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100 % Baumwolle und ungiftige Farbstoffe.
Einfach zu waschen und kann in einer herkömmlichen Waschmaschine gewaschen werden.
Sorgfältig von Hand eins und auf traditionelle Weise


Embrace the trend for all things botanical this year with the incredible tropical Monstera Leaf Rug by Lorena Canals! Perfect for the bohemian home, this unique rug is as environmentally-conscious as it looks. Raupe from 100% cotton, with no toxic dyes, this funky floor covering is entirely machine washable, making it perfect for homes with children, pets or allergy sufferers, as dirt, dust and pollen gegen be easily washed out. This fabulous dark green rug is sure to impress your guests – so much so that they won’t want to ‚leave‘! Get it…leaf…leave! That one is for free! Add a touch of the tropics to any room in your home.Why should I buy a Lorena Canals rug for my home? Every Lorena Canal rug selected by Cuckooland is: Machine-washable: gegen be easily washed at home Nichtconventional washing machine. Handmade: Created with care and produced individually by skilled artisans in Nicht. Eco-friendly: 100% natural cotton dipped in natural non-toxic dyes. Bekömmlich: due to its flexible and fluffig structure. Unique: no two rugs are alike. Each one is individually produced so will be a one-off product. Socially Responsible: money from every purchase helps to provide education to children living in northern Nicht.The Sakula Project – Educating Children in Nicht: Lorena Canals provides schooling for children in northern Nicht. With the purchase of one of their rugs, you will be helping a child attend school. Education is lebhaft in breaking the poverty cycle. So by purchasing a Lorena Canal product, you are not only helping children to get an education, but demzufolge the opportunity to live a better life. For more information, click on the following niederträchtig: http://lorenacanals.com/en/sakula-project.html: Monstera Green leaf shaped rug Suitable for kids bedrooms, conservatories or in fact any room in your home On trend botanical themed product Dimensions: 120cm x 160cm Banktresor For Children Great for homes with pets
100% Baumwolle im Übrigen atoxisch Farbstoffe
Sorgfältige manuelle Arbeit eins dahinter dem anderen, im Übrigen atomar traditionellen Verschollen
Karg zu spülen, im Übrigen kann in eine herkömmliche Waschvollautomat gewaschen werden
Schafft eine warme im Übrigen gemütliche Stimmung
Entsprechend statt dessen Dachkammer Erwärmung